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Role: Data Interrogation Team Leader

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We would love to see what life is like within your environment, please tell us about a typical day in your working world:

A typical day? Not sure I have one! I work in an office environment and I manage a team of 9. My day is very dependent on what situations have arisen that require my attention. But I will tell you about a typical Monday.


I arrive at the office around 7am and spend the large part of the morning putting together the team statistics for the previous week. I go through Friday’s workloads and try and check my teams working hours to try and spot any discrepancies that I can correct there and then rather than finding out the system says one of my team member has worked less hours than they actually have further down the line. I then go through our workloads as a team and send a report to my boss outlining where we are in terms of our work volumes and the number of work hours needed to clear any backlogs. I then go through the performance statistic, and send an email to each of the team members with their stats and any work updates they may need.


During the afternoon I will tend to meet with various team members on a  one to one basis. We often do this by taking a walk outside (British weather dependent) as we find it is easier to talk in a free and relaxed way on a walk rather than sat in a meeting room. I will then take action on anything that has arisen and monitor the mailbox we have for external agency queries. - Before you know it, the day has ended and it is time to head home.


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