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Role: Sampler

If you are thinking about joining Anglian Water just try it!: What advice do you have for people wanting to join Anglian Water?

If you are thinking about joining Anglian Water just try it, this is one of the very few companies where you can find people who have worked here all their working lives, people who are at the top of their game and if you try you could learn from them just like I am.


We would love to see what life is like within your environment, please tell us about a typical day in your working world.

As a sampler my day starts at 6am, I log onto our sampling application and carry out all my daily quality control, van and personal protective equipment checks. Once this is complete I drive from site to site taking the samples that have been requested for the day. When everything is collected for the day I drive back to my base to drop my samples off and then complete the second set of quality checks for the day. Any time left after this I use for cleaning my van or the bottles store. Sometimes I also work on standby, where I have to respond to incidents – this can include working to very late at night.  I am also about to complete my Monitoring the Water Environment Qualification which I’ve been working on.


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