What are the best aspects of your current role and working for Anglian Water?

I love the fact that my role allows me to be flexible and dependable, both inside and outside of work. Whilst the shifts can be long, it does mean that I also sometimes get a block of time off to enjoy.
I also enjoy the sense of responsibility that comes with being a Craft Technician. Whether working on a job on my own, or as part of a team, I know that the job we do really makes a difference to the treatment process of used water, and this is always in the back of my mind when I manage to repair a fault.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your role to date?

Whilst the variety of being a Craft Technician is one of the best parts of the job, it also poses the biggest challenge due to the sheer number of systems and types of equipment that we have to be up to speed with. The sheer number of water recycling sites that I am responsible for when on shift can sometimes be quite overwhelming, but it is all part of the challenge!