Degree details:

BSc Hons Geography – The University of Nottingham

What inspires, motivates, or gets you excited about your job on a daily basis?

I’m proud to work for a company that puts environmental values and sustainability at its core – the work we’re doing is making a difference.

I love the flexibility of the Graduate Scheme, there are so many opportunities available - If I hear of a team or project that interests me, I can look into it and organise a meeting or placement myself.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced so far in the role?

There are a lot of abbreviations! In every team you move into it’s always a challenge to understand the ways they work, the tools they use and standards they adhere to. There are always people around to help though, and it doesn’t take long before you get to know who they are. Moving around the business on different placements is great for building a big network of contacts – I know I’ve got someone I can call on if I’m stuck with anything.

How did you arrive in your present post?

After graduating from university I was looking for an environmental graduate scheme. Geography is quite broad and I didn’t have any preferences as to what sort of area I wanted to specialise in. Anglian Water’s Generalist scheme looked to be exactly what I was looking for – offering different placements all over the company to gain a broad understanding of the water industry.