What are the best aspects of your current role and working for Anglian Water?

I like the fact that every day is different in this job, and you get to see and experience such a wide variety of different jobs, people and lifestyles. I enjoy the learning aspect of being a Trainee Network Technician, whilst also getting the ‘hands-on’ experience with the day-to-day jobs. Working as a Trainee Network Technician means I get to work alongside a mentor, from who I can get advice and tips. There are so many people at Anglian Water with fantastic levels of experience and knowledge, so it’s great to be able to learn from them all.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your role to date?

I suppose one of the main challenges within my role would be getting to grips with things that I have never seen or done before; whilst there are always people around to help explain things, sometimes the only way to learn is to get stuck in and have a go yourself.

Whilst I really enjoy dealing with customers, and especially like the challenge of dealing with the ‘difficult’ customers, taking onboard their issues and solving them in a timely manner with an outcome that is right for both them and Anglian Water can sometimes be extremely challenging.