Degree details: BSc Hons Geography

What inspires, motivates, or gets you excited about your job on a daily basis?

Anglian Water provides a vital resource to millions of people in the region and, as a member of the Water Generalist Graduate Scheme, I am able to play a part in the delivery of wholesome Water to our customers. Being excited by my job and being able to say that I enjoy coming to work is important to me and it is no lie that I look forward to coming to work to be involved in and contribute to the success of Anglian Water.

I am also constantly inspired by the wealth of knowledge that Anglian Water employees have of the Water Industry. This is my constant driver; the concept of learning and having the ability to pass on my own knowledge.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced so far in the role?

One of the biggest challenges I have faced on the graduate program is starting new placements. Whilst I look forward to it, I also find it nerve wracking. Every team is unique and therefore it’s important to find ways to relate and communicate effectively with everyone you work with. Having this skill is key to becoming a successful manager of people, so I challenge myself to work on this every day.

How did you arrive in your present post?

Like so many students finishing University, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or what career path to take. I loved the outdoors, practical modules at University and knew I wanted a job where I could be hands on.

After trawling through hundreds of job adverts, Anglian Water’s Graduate Management Programme caught my eye. Having read the profiles from previous graduates and realising the opportunities available to Anglian Water Graduates were huge – I didn’t think twice about applying!